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Nogika Corporation specializes in developing AI development and integration solutions that help people build AI applications collaboratively and effectively.


Building AI applications needs a variety of domain knowledge. Currently, we heavily depend on high-skilled software engineers to translate the domain knowledge into AI applications. It takes longer to develop AI applications than other IT applications.

How can we integrate diversified knowledge into an AI application easily? How can we build AI applications productively?

We need more people, especially domain experts, to participate in building AI applications directly.

Nogika has developed a solution that uniforms process of basic reasoning logic and structure of analytical models to ensure the flexibility and scalability of AI model construction. We separate processing logic (e.g. data) and business logic, which software engineers focus on processing algorithms and domain experts focus on business rules. The solution uses visual flow to define business logic, which allows people to build AI applications without coding.

The solution provides an open and collaborative platform for users to build AI applications and share knowledge anywhere, anytime. The solution significantly simplifies the development and processing of AI applications. It will transfer current collaboration of intelligence process to a new process.




Collaborative decision application is one of applications based on our AI development and integration solution. It allows users to digitalize and share analysis or decision-making processes without coding and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. The collaborative decision application can significantly reduce costs and errors in analysis and decision processing.

Products and Services for Collaboration Decision Application:

Collaborative Decision Tools

Help users digitalize decision knowledge and make collaborative decisions on computers and mobile devices.

Download free App for iPhone/iPad: iLogician®
Decision Collaboration Platforms

Provide cloud-based computing resources and coordinate network decision processing.

Online Knowledge Exchange Store

Let people trade decision data and models.

Decision Consulting Services

Build decision collaboration platforms and large scale of decision models.

Video Demo

The videos show how to digitalize decision-making processes, share decision knowledge and make collaborative decisions using the collaborative decision tool.